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Thomas Neon is a leader in the cold cathode lighting and neon lighting field. From our reputation of in-house manufacturing to our extensive knowledge of service and installations, we are proud to offer our client the best in lighting and signage services.

Neon history dates back as far as 1910. It has brought business and interior lighting great value with its ability to "stand out in the crowd". Not only is it bright and attractive, but it is also very reliable, cost effective, long lasting, and it maintains its color and brightness.

Here at Thomas Neon we stock over 50 of the 120+ colors available for lighting in the sign business. Our manufacturing equipment is only that of state of the art turbomolecular pumps and digital gauges. This type of equipment is only found in a shop that strives to be #1.

Our repair service is guaranteed and a quick turnaround is delivered as we are all in house. Over 30 years of experience in the neon and cold cathode business is here at Thomas Neon to bring your project to an award winning finish.

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