LED and O-LED Lighting and Signs

Thomas Neon proudly offers both LED and Organic LED (O LED) lighting solutions.


The LED, light emitting diode, is relatively new to the sign industry but not to industry in general. The LED is a great way to illuminate your sign in a different way and lets the design of your sign go where past illuminating techniques would have failed.

We sell a full line of indoor and outdoor full color LED sign and message centers from standard red to high resolution billboards. If you're looking for unlimited advertising abilities than you need our LED services.

Thomas Neon is open to technology in that we keep an open mind to all lighting possibilities. Even though we are 30 year veterans in the manufacturing of neon and cold cathode lighting we offer the most recent new comings to the sign industry.


O LEDs are closer to you than you think. They are being used in many cell phones on the market today. The future will bring a new and flexible form of lighting, the OLED, organic light emitting diode. This new form of LED uses a product that us at Thomas Neon are all too familiar with. The rare phosphors found in OLEDs is the same as is found in our neon tubing.

This innovative product will open up interesting ways of illuminating work spaces, cubicals, kitchens, and bathrooms. Also they are being used to light vehicle graphics, printed products, and point of purchase displays.

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